Major record labels and music publishers provide us with music for potential licensing opportunities but we also license a significant amount of music from newer, developing artists that may be on smaller indie labels or currently unsigned.  We also accept unsolicited music submissions.  If you have GREAT music that you’d like to make available for licensing opportunities, we’d love to hear it.

It goes without saying but we need to say it anyways, do NOT send us music that you do not own or control 100%.   If there is a record label or music publisher associated with your music, be sure to let us know. Regardless, do not send us any music that contains samples or is otherwise not licensable by or through you, your record label or your music publisher.

We like CDs but we’re running out of office space so we’re also happy to accept digital delivery of your music in mp3 format.  If you still want to send us a CD, mail it to us at the address listed on our Contact page.

How to submit music:

Send us your music only in mp3 format (if we ever want the full audio file, we’ll ask you for it).  There are numerous online large file delivery services available (most are free).  All digital submissions should be sent to the email address listed on our Contact page.

Before submitting your music to us, please note the following (NO EXCEPTIONS):

  • you MUST include your name, telephone number & email address with all submissions
  • all mp3’s MUST have the song names and artist names as part of the metadata
  • all mp3’s MUST be in a folder and zipped as a single file (DO NOT SEND US SONGS INDIVIDUALLY!)

Here’s how we work:

We source our projects from the music that is submitted to us. If there’s a good fit for your music in one of our programs, we’ll contact you with all the details.  Sometimes this occurs relatively quickly but it usually takes a lot longer than you think.  All licensing deals via GoBig are on a project by project basis.  The budget of a given program determines how much we can offer in terms of a license fee to you and the budgets can (and often do) vary widely.  Regardless, we strive to be as artist-friendly as possible.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • We don’t pitch your music to other programs, music supervisors, etc. – we’re only potentially interested in your music for the programs that we music supervise.
  • We don’t take a percentage of the license fee or accept any kind of payment from the artist-side of the transaction (our fees have already been paid by the program producers).
  • We don’t provide feedback on music so please do NOT follow up on music that you’ve submitted to us (even if it’s just to confirm that we received it).

Our mission is to help our clients benefit from the use of great music but our services can also be equally beneficial to the artist.  If you’re interested in having your music featured in our programs, feel free to send it to us.